About Us

The ROAM team consists of a health professional, fitness trainer, and creator of Wellness Travel Pak*. We are keenly aware of how important it is to take supplements and/or medications as prescribed or desired.

The Wellness Travel Pak* (Patent Pending) is a unique product that is designed for vitamin/medication storage and dispensing. This innovative and timesaving vitamin/medication delivery system is unlike any other, and it will make your daily intake regimen both simple and reliable.


My Story - Marnie Perri (founder)... from Sickness to Health

My passion for health and fitness stems back to my childhood years growing up in a family that modeled fitness as a lifestyle and for me, there is no better job than one where I can interact with another person to help them to achieve their goals and feel better about themselves.

My 12 year involvement in the health and fitness industry was a perfect expression of those two desires. My experiences ran the gamut from being a Group Aerobics Instructor, a Personal Trainer, an Apex Nutrition Specialist, Director of Aerobics at a national health club and finally, owner of my own Personal Training Studio. I felt very lucky to have found what I loved at a very early age and to have made my living doing it.

On September 11th, (9/11) 2001, I was in an operating room. While planes were flying into buildings and the world was in shock by the events of that horrible day, my family and I were taken back by yet another unbelievable piece of news. My doctor told us that I indeed had Thyroid Cancer! While this was the end of the Training Studio I loved so much, it was the beginning of a 6 year journey towards wellness that ultimately changed my life. During this 6 year period, I had many ups and downs, incredible hormone imbalance issues, anxiety, and a host of other problems related to the complete removal of my Thyroid and the radiation treatment that followed. Dealing with all of the doctors, specialists and conflicting therapies could be challenging at times (that’s an understatement). However, in seeking help to become disease free and relieve symptoms, I acquired a great deal of knowledge and became inspired to go back to school for my Natural Health Practitioner degree in order to share what I have learned and to empower others on their road to wellness.

Today I am disease free, but as a result of having no thyroid, must take certain medications as well as vitamins and supplements to sustain total wellness. While preparing to go on a mission trip to Mexico with my son’s grade school class, I went out looking for a travel bag to hold my medication, vitamins and supplements. The products I found were either too small or too bulky. I ended up constructing what basically became the first prototype of our current product.  The staples ended up pulling out, it wasn’t exactly pretty, but it was the most organized my pills had ever been while traveling, and I just loved the whole concept! I knew that I could not be the only one encountering this frustration and this motivated me to design a bag to functionally manage vitamin, supplement and medication intake. When I arrived home, I immediately began working on a bag design and sourced components to add to its functionality. After numerous prototypes later the Wellness Travel Pak was ready for market!

My 6 year struggle against cancer, while beyond challenging at times, and certainly not something I would have wished for myself or family, ended up being a gift that provided me with valuable life lessons, insight and the inspiration to develop a fantastic product that is helping many people to take better care of themselves.
Roam Products - Wellness Travel Pak™ - Managing Your Health!
However, in seeking help to become disease free and relieve symptoms, I acquired a great deal of knowledge. I was inspired to
get my Natural Practitioner degree from Clayton College of Natural Health to share what I have learned and to empower others on their road to wellness.