The Wellness Travel Pak™
Whether you are simply going to work, out of town for the weekend or on an extended vacation, the The Wellness Travel Pak™ organizes your vitamins/medication and makes taking the correct dosage easy.

Effective Design:
ELIMINATES the frustration of carrying bulky vitamin bottles and trying to fit your vitamins/medication into pill boxes that ultimately are too small.
MAXIMIZES the full intended benefit of your vitamins/medication by helping to ensure correct dosage at the right time.

Advantages of The Wellness Travel Pak™

  • Allows you to perfectly organize your daily consumption for a 2 week period or longer.
  • Easy to Pack: Compact design fits nicely into your briefcase, purse, travel bag or backpack
  • Attractive: Different fabric colors and designs avaiable
  • Two-Compartment slider zip bag can hold several pills of various size. Compartments could be used as AM / PM or for day1 day2 pill combinations or simply hold multiple smaller sized pills.
  • The larger slider zip bag can be used in the same way and allows you to hold many more vitamin/supplement/medication pills of any size.
  • Ensures contents stay put and is easy to open for convenient loading and unloading
  • Customizable for personalized labeling, and see-through for verification of vitamins/medication taken
  • Dispenses multiple vitamins/medication in seconds
  • Easy To Fill and fit your daily regiment
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